Sunday, July 6, 2014

Adidas Energy Boost Shoe Review

I'm enjoying my current shoe, so I thought I tell ya about it.

The past few years I have tried several different running shoes. I've found several I like, including Saucony Kinvara, Nike Pegasus, and Nike Free.  I've gone through lots of them! Brooks, Newton, New Balance, Asics....I like trying out these feet gadgets.

Recently I decided to try the Adidas Energy Boost shoe.  At first sight I thought they would never work.  I was running primarily in the Saucony Kinvaras, which weigh in at 6.4 oz (I like a light shoe). Just looking at these they look really bulky, and when I picked them up they were a little heavier at 8.1 oz. I still like still like to try everything on, so I had to give them a go.  They are noted to run a little small, but I still bought them in the same size I normally do.  It is recommended to go a 1/2 size up.

Of course every running shoe has their pros and cons...

The Pros:

Cushion: Adidas came out with new midsole material last year, and is straying from the standard material used in most running shoes. 

The foam consists of small polyurethane capsules fused together...apparently the same material they use in the dashboards of BMWs.  Closest I will get to having a beamer. The result is a super cushy sole.  Well...the cushion is fabulous! They designed it to be very cushy and springy. While it looks really bulky somehow it still feels pretty light.

Flexible and Lightweight: It is not a minimalist shoe, but it is somehow still pretty flexy (That's an official term, right?) and light.   I moved away from some of the heavier shoes because they were so stiff, but this somehow runs with a lot of flexibility.

Heel to Toe Drop: I like a big heel to toe drop.  When I started wearing shoes with a bigger heel to toe drop I stopped having so many issues with my calves and tendonitis. The heel to toe drop in these is 10mm.

The Cons

Expensive: They are probably the most of expensive shoes I've run in.  $160 buckaroos!! I've never even bought myself heels this expensive. I figure it's worth the investment to avoid injuries and enjoy my runs.

Heel: This actually isn't an issue for me, because I strike more with my forefoot than my heel, but the heel extends out past the shoe. If you are a heel striker, that could cause issue with every foot strike.  I haven't tried them yet, but the Adidas Adios Boost has the same midsole technology, and it doesn't have such a protruding heel.

Shoe laces: I really, really hate the laces they come with.  They have no give, so you really have to find the perfect tie, because if you go too tight your feet will be miserable on your run. They also always come untied all the time, even with a double knot. Definitely worth changing the laces on these...that's a cheap problem to fix.

Overall I enjoy running in them!  I'm on my second pair which doesn't happen very often. Next pair are gonna be pink! Remember when I hated pink?  A little person in my life turned my hate for pink around.  

And just in case you ask...
What is your favorite shoe?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thanks Texting Machine!

After I got home from work Friday night I still needed to do my mile (of course).  We decided to walk to the store to get dinner, but it's not quite a mile there and back, so I knew I still had to do more.

Right before I got home, Isla and I went to the doctor.  Turns out she had an ear infection, so I needed to get her medicine while I picked up dinner. We decided to take Willa on our walk to the store, so we could get that walk over with too....which means they needed to wait outside while we got the medicine and dinner.  After probably about 15 minutes, I finish everything and I come out front...where Willa and Vin were waiting for us.  Except they were nowhere in sight. Before I went into the store he said "we'll just walk around." I scanned the front of the store and the entire parking lot.

I text him.  In this sequence.

Me:Where are you?
Him: No Reply
Me: My phone is going to die. We are out front.
Him: No Reply
Me: Walking Home

I thought maybe I heard him wrong about waiting, or I was in the store way too long, so I left.  I get within 4 houses of home and I get a text.

Him: By Cleaners

MAN! What the?! Great.  So I call. No answer. Then my phone dies.

I figured he got my texts so he at least knows I walked home, but I felt bad. So I walk back around the corner.  There they are still in front of the cleaners.  I jay walk (don't tell anyone) across the street, and of course it's the moment he decides to move.  I start whistling as loud as I possibly can.  My eyes are locked on them from across the parking lot.  I whistle about 6 more times. Nothing.

All of a sudden a guy steps into my view, and he says "You whistle like a football player."

Thanks?? Sure wish it was working.

Now I decide I can cut across and meet them at the crosswalk, so I run. Luckily Isla was in the Bob. We meet at the crosswalk, and he says "where have you been?"

Well, let's see. I walked home. I ran back. I whistled. I ran. And here we are.

He says, "I heard someone whistling, but I've never heard you whistle like that before, so I didn't know that was you."

If you remember my text message string:

Me:Where are you?
Him: No Reply
Me: My phone is going to die. We are out front.
Him: No Reply
Me: Walking Home

His looked like this:

Me: Where are you?
Him: By Cleaners (immediately after my text)

Thanks AT&T or Verizon! Not sure whose fault it was, but I decided after all that I got my mile in!

That ever happen to you?

Anyway, The rest of the weekend went as planned. Isla and I got at least a mile in on Saturday, and this morning we ran the Summer Scamper 5k at Stanford. She was having a ball while we were running. I can't tell if she was talking to me, or socializing with the crowd, but she was laughing, and chattin away.

I don't know why, but I expected this to be a small event.  It was HUGE! So many people and tons of families. I met a couple of people that I never would have met without 'Hurry Up'. It's the coolest thing I tell ya.  Lisa and Amy it was great to talk to you.  

When we got home Isla had lots of calls to make.  I had a flash forward moment of her with her feet up on the wall, laying on her bed talking on the phone. If she takes after her dad's like for talking....we are in big trouble!

8 more days in June.  At least 8 more miles!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mostly just cute pictures...

I knew that A Mile a Day would be tough, but I'm always so proud of myself when I can find the energy to get it done after a really long day.  My legs are still incredibly sore from running the Tahoe Relay this weekend (which I will give a recap on shortly), so the last few days have been extra hard.

3.7 Miles today - .8 mile walk with Willa/Isla and a 2.9 mile run with one of my friends.

I really try to get Isla out in the stroller as often as possible. My hope is that in doing so an active lifestyle and being outdoors is something that comes naturally to her.  Several people have told me their son or daughter has yelled for them to "go faster mom/dad"...I can't wait until she tells me that. 

Anyway, today we were able to take Willa on a walk to the park.  I'm so happy to always have a camera on me. These two were so cute today.

I took this one right after someone snuck a lick in.

And after a good lick, you must get your belly rubbed.

Almost Friday!!

12 days left in June!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Time for some 5Ks?

Isla, Willa and I finished our 1.1 mile walk this morning.  Willa is walking slower these days, and Isla isn't feeling well, so we had a pretty chill stroll.

As I figure out how I still get all my running in on top of my mama/girlfriend responsibilities and a crazy job, I think 5Ks may be in my future.  I've only run 4 5Ks since I started running.  It's not that I don't think that distance is worthy, in fact it's the opposite.  It hurts!! It's a different hurt than running a half marathon or marathon.  It's pure pain for however long it takes you to finish, where as a marathon you enjoy the first half (or more) at a manageable pace, and then start to feel aches and pains of the distance towards the end. 

Lauren Fleshman wrote this article in Runners World last month with 10 Reasons the 5k is Freaking Awesome. It made me think, given my new lifestyle, 5Ks may be the perfect distance for me now.

First of all her PR 5K is 14:58.  Holy cow!  So I find the beginning of the article pretty funny with the guy next to her on a plane.

I've certainly had conversations with people like this (me as Lauren, not Mr. Onplane), and it's just silly.  Distance doesn't matter, it's how much you put in to it, and more importantly if you are having fun.  It's funny how many people have asked me if a one mile walk counts with the Mile A Day we've started in June.  HELL YEA a mile counts! (excuse my language).  You don't have to do a 20 mile run to consider it good exercise.

You can click into the article to see all 10 reasons, but a few resonated with me.

Free time!?!?! What is that?  There is no way I have the time to run as many hours as I did before.  But I can probably get some quick interval training in to have a successful 5K.

#2 is actually the reason I haven't run many 5Ks.  Going all out for a 5K hurts everywhere.  Your legs hurt, your lungs hurt, your face's painful. BUT it is over quickly, and you can get back to your family and/or friends before they realize you are missing.

I definitely have to agree with the style factor.  I HATE carrying anything or wearing heavy belts with water bottles and food.  You can also decide to wear whatever you want race day because you don't risk the chaffing in an outfit you haven't tested out before.

I would have to add another good point in there. 

#11 - You can train and race a 5K with a stroller.  You don't have to worry about any major meltdowns, or accidents, or feedings because the distance will be over before you know it.

....the major downfall is that you miss out on more of the social training runs.  Having a conversation with your training buddies during speed work is usually not possible, but you can talk for hours while you train for a marathon.

How do you feel about 5Ks?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I need the day off tomorrow...

I'm so happy so many people have decided to join me for A Mile a Day in June!  There will definitely be days this month where I will need motivation to do (at least) a mile after a SUPER long day at work. Day 3 a success.  8.3 miles done so far in June.

I brought some shoes to work that I can throw on in case I need to get my mile in during the day. They will stare at me all day, so that I make sure to get it in.

My friend at work gave me this new Enduracool Towel today.  It's supposed to get cold instantly when you put water on it. I'll let you know if this works next hot run I need to do.

Tomorrow is National Running Day!!  I feel like I should have the whole day off to run. Since that's dreaming, I will at least make sure that my mile is a run tomorrow. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Mile A Day

April and May were not my best running months, so I decided I need a goal for June.  I've wrestled with "A Mile a Day."  Wrestled because I'm just not sure I can do it, but that's why you set goals.  If we only set goals we knew we could make...those probably shouldn't be considered goals. So I'm going to go for it.

A mile a day.

Some days will be one mile, some will be 3, some will be 8. Some days I'll walk, but most days I'll probably run. It's going to be very hard!

Tonight I ran 2.9 miles after Isla went to sleep.  2 days down.  28 to go.

While I was running yesterday with the stroller I was designing (in my head) a hands free running contraption for my stroller.  Then I figured that someone must have already created one, and sure enough there is one exactly like I imagined.

Has anyone used this before? I've never seen anyone use it, so it can't be that great.

I also was thinking it would be great to put Isla in an aerodynamic helmet while she is in the stroller. We have this crazy wind in south San Jose that you never notice until you run or ride in it.  It's not fun to get stuck in that head wind, and the stroller seems to create some major drag. Wonder if they make this version small enough for her. I'm kidding BTW...don't worry I'm not actually going to make her wear a helmet.

Speaking of Isla.  She started eating solid food about a month ago.  We are still working on actually getting food into her mouth.  She had some rice the other night, and I didn't notice she had some on her face until we laid down to read.  Man she keeps me laughing everyday.

Anyone want to join me for a mile a day???

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blurry Girl

Today Isla and I got suited up - me in a hurry up shirt and shorts, and her in a super cute sweatsuit that says Surfer Girl on it - and we hit the road at 7:30 AM for a run. She started to get a little fussy right in the beginning of our run, but I turned on some tunes and she sat there super quiet and enjoyed the ride the whole way.  I hope she LOVES music forever.  I swear it sounds like she was trying to sing all day today. 

I'm still not super fast with the stroller, but we managed 4.3 miles without a snag. 

...and with Negative splits.  The last 0.3 we got stuck at a light, so I'll assume we still would have been on track for negative splits the whole way.

Little miss turned 7 months today.  Can you believe it!!?!  Gone are the days where she would sit there and let me take a picture of her.  I think I have about 75 pictures from today all over the house and yard....she would just not sit still! She is working on her crawling, so everytime I sit her up she goes straight to her hands and knees.  My 75 pictures look something like these...

Most of them have a blurry body part.

A lot of them are completely blurry...

Some of them have a great smile, but you can't see her cute dress.

Can't wait to see what 7 months has in store for us.

Have a great week ahead!