Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

I love holidays, and I love them more as a mom. We don't have our traditions down yet, but it's fun to practice some things before she can really remember. 

Our Easter weekend...

Saturday: Easter bunny visit and egg hunt. 

Probably not a good idea to have the Easter Bunny face the sun. least she isn't crying!

So fun to watch her figure out the eggs go in her basket (and you could get trampled if you aren't careful). 

Isla Running!


Momma running! Easy paced 12.4 mile run before the family came over this morning. 

View from the Henry Cowell observation deck. You can just barely see the ocean in the background.

I Love this! "Everything needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul."

Cousin Emily! Here is a sticker.

Check out my basket. 

I made this yummy spinach and mushroom frittata. 


Tweaks: I sautéed the onions, spinach and mushrooms before I mixed them with the eggs. I also added a Mexican cheese blend instead of the Parmesan. 

Easy peasy. 

Hope everyone had a great day with family and friends. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breath better..and now purses???

The Jawbone Up App gives you little tips everyday.  I usually do my best to read them all.  I had to read this one a few times to understand what it was talking about, and then I still had to click the "learn more" link to really understand. 

So this was interesting.   It also may explain why all my injuries have been on my right side. 

This section from the main article on Runners world sums it up nicely:

"When your foot hits the ground, the force of impact equals two to three times your body weight, and as research by Utah's Bramble and Carrier showed, the impact stress is greatest when your foot strikes the ground at the beginning of an exhalation. This is because when you exhale, your diaphragm and the muscles associated with the diaphragm relax, creating less stability in your core. So always landing on the same foot at the beginning of exhalation compounds the problem: It causes one side of your body to continuously absorb the greatest impact force of running, which causes it to become increasingly worn down and vulnerable to injury. "

So what to do??

According to this, we need to learn how to breath "so that you will land alternately on your right and left foot at the beginning of every exhalation."

I have a lot of work to do.  Not only do I not alternate my inhale/exhale with my foot strike....but I just learned I'm a chest breather. Sheesh!

--> Click Here to read the entire article.   It's definitely worth a try to see if this helps.  

Now onto bigger issues I see ahead.  I think I've mentioned how much Isla loves shoes and jackets already.  Well this week she got a purse from Slappy Stuff and she *bleeping* loves it.  (Me too it's SUPER cute, and awesome quality). But I think my pocket book is gonna take a beating as she gets older and this purse, shoe, jacket fetish grows with her.

And yes....those are my credit cards she took out of my wallet to put in her purse.


(plus I want to buy one now too, since it's probably not ok to steal my daughter's purse, and I LOVE IT!)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Could I be wearing any more???

I'm not quite sure how all this gear stacked up for my run today, but it reminded me of a Friends episode. 

I also realized that most of my gear has been discontinued by the manufacturer (as I was trying to find links to share). Wish I had a good excuse other than that to replace it!
Running Check List this morning...

On another note, I've decided I have to lay some ground rules for watching The Walking Dead or my workout/sleep routine gets thrown off. 

Number 1) Not OK to watch on the treadmill.  I've had too many close calls because it makes me jump.

Number 2) Not OK to watch before bed. Duh!

Hope you had a great weekend.  I love the longer daylight! I can't wait to get some evening runs in with some light. 

P.S. I'm not doing any paid advertising for those products listed above.  I voluntarily decided to look like a running nerd.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Don't Stop NOW!!!


Every year the gym is packed in January.  Usually around the third week it gets back to the normal crowd.  As much as I like the space in the gym, it shouldn't be that way!!

Here are ideas to get past January with your fitness goals.

Baseline something: If you haven't already done so pick a starting point for something, anything that you can work to improve on.  Here are some ideas:
  • Body weight (probably the most obvious)
  • Current Mile time (or any distance that you are comfortable with)
  • How many push ups you can do now
  • How long you can run without stopping
Personally I am going to use the amount of miles I have run in January as a baseline for the rest of the year. I've finally got a groove back (After the move) and I don't want to go back.

I ran 83 miles in January!  I haven't done that since August of last year. It's crazy I used to run close to that in a week.

Set a goal: If your resolution was to start [insert activity here], pick a race or a target to meet by April.  That will get you through 4 months of the year being active.  I guarantee you by the end of 4 months you will see results, and you won't want to stop.

Adjust if you need to: If your goal was to start running at the beginning of the year, and you HATE it.  TRY SOMETHING ELSE!! Just keep moving.  There are so many fun things to try.  Spinning, cycling, swimming, zumba, yoga, crossfit, and, and and.....Just keep it moving and find what you love.  It's ok to adjust along the way.

Walk it off: Sometimes when you start a new physical activity you get soooo sore.  That new trainer may have worn you out.  Don't stop moving completely, just take a short hiatus from whatever it is and walk 30 minutes a day until you feel human again. Just don't stop!

Find a buddy:  If you started by yourself, now is the time to recruit a friend or make a new friend you've met doing the same activity.  You should do this anyway, because having someone else count on you to show up will always do the trick.


Plus now we need to work off all those Super Bowl calories.

I didn't get to see too much of the Superbowl, so I missed the triathlon commercial.  (I'm not sure you know this, but Triathlon is my favorite's just way too impossible to find time to do it now.)

How did I miss this?  And how was I not called into the room when this came on??

The Tough Dodger.

"Not on the outside" Ha!

It reminded me of my favorite triathlon video (not too discourage anyone from doing triathlon).  It's only like this most of the time. :) Trust me you would keep going back for more.

Oh how I miss it.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our 10 Minute Dinner

I HAD to go back to Henry Cowell with a camera, so I could take pictures of the trail and the observation deck.  As soon as I got home everyone in the house went to sleep, and I couldn't get to my camera without making too much noise. So...I'll have to post those later.  Definitely found my new favorite spot to run.

In lieu of that, I will tell you abut a super fast, incredibly easy, healthy dinner we had this week.

What you need for two servings.
  • 1 Lemon (or 2 if you like a lot of lemon)
  • 1 Bag of Carrot Chips 
  • 1 head of Broccoli
  • 2 pieces of Cod
  • Olive Oil
  • Mrs. Dash
  • Salt & Pepper
I bought a back of carrot chips like this to make the vegetable steaming process go faster for the carrots.  If you use baby carrots they take a little longer to cook than the broccoli.  These take exactly the same amount of time as the broccoli (at least that's how we like them).

  1. Put the oven to 450.
  2. Prepare the fish in an oven safe dish with Olive Oil, a little Mrs. Dash and top off with a squeeze of lemon. I also slice a little lemon, and bake the fish with that too. 
  3. Cut the broccoli off the stock and throw the carrots and broccoli in a veg steamer basket.  We just got this for Christmas and it works great! --> Calphalon 8-qt. Contemporary Nonstick Multi-pot with Steamer
  4. Throw the fish in to cook for 10 minutes.
  5. Boil the water, and steam the carrots and broccoli for 5-7 minutes.  
  6. When the Veggies are done sprinkle them with Olive oil and a little salt/pepper.

Delicious dinner in 10 minutes. We both felt great after this meal.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lots of Running and My Recent Favorite Pics of You Know Who!

FINALLY life is settling down and I'm getting at least a little running in.  

Let me start with my run from last, last Sunday that had the most phenomenal weather. We started at the Shaffer Road/Hwy 1 intersection. If you have ever run the Santa Cruz Half Marathon you might recognize this as some of the route, and if you haven't done this run before.....ADD IT TO YOUR LIST NOW!  It's so phenomenal. Period. 

Click to Enlarge

I wasn't able to bring my phone with me, but one of the girls was capturing black and whites along the way. 

How great are three day weekends??  I was actually able to run TWICE last weekend.  One of my new neighbors is a mega athlete, knows the area well and took me on a spectacular run in Henry Cowell State Park.   I'm not sure I could ever retrace our steps because there were so many single tracks, and ups and downs. I seriously felt like a kid in an amusement park.

See that green arrow on our route? (scroll down)

Click to Enlarge

When/If you run or hike in this park you must find the Observation Deck. It feels like you are perched in the forest. You can see beautiful mountains to one side and the ocean to the other. Another great photo opp without a camera. shoot!

And finally my run from Sunday. 

My desired range of mileage was 7-10 miles. That may seem like a big range, but I wasn't planning to run too hard....and I was just so happy to see some of my running friends I hadn't seen for awhile that I was ok running longer.  Well somehow it turned into 12 miles! (which I haven't done for months!) That big circle at the top of the map was a last minute detour that most of us thought would get us to maybe 9 miles, but it ended up just a little longer.  Thanks Lisa!  Don't worry we still want you back...but we may accidentally take you on some major hills. :)

Click to Enlarge
And even better than running is the joy she brings me. It's fun for me to look back at posts and see her pictures.   She is growing so fast!

She runs in the sand.

She paints pictures.

She waves while people watching in SF when I say "Smile" for our selfie. (Kinda looks like I'm waving too, but I was in the process of putting my arm around her).

Bring it on Friday!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The year of the Smartwatch?

Have I mentioned before how much I love Gadgets?

It feels like (I could be totally wrong) that last year was the start of this fancy new world of Smartwatches.  This year it seems like we are about to see some amazing technology out there on the trails.

Garmin just announced the Vivoactive. It looks like it will be available in the first quarter this year.  I have been a big fan of Garmin.  It's going to be hard to resist the temptation of buying this one.

The highly publicized Apple Watch Sport is coming in early spring.  It looks to be one of the most expensive of the Smartwatches.

Fitbit Surge was released late last year. I've heard good things about this recently.

Sorry I don't have much information on these yet....remember I've been running with my big fancy Smartphone in hand for over a year?

Do you have a Smartwatch yet? Which one?

On the treadmill research front.....I found an interesting one.  If I were to get this treadmill used in the Asics treadmill Challenge, my runs would be about 45 seconds everyday.

"On the trade show floor was the Asics Treadmill Challenge, where willing competitors boarded a treadmill and ran at either 
Ryan Hall (4:46) or Deena Kastor’s (5:18) marathon pace for as long as possible before succumbing to the support of a safety harness."

Good Night!