Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Challenge

Hopefully you won't beat me up for posting this late.  Let's pretend October starts October 2. Deal?!

I like to have two part challenges for the month, so here are my two goals for the month.

1) No Sweets!  

November and December are virtually impossible to get through without having any sugar or desserts, my goal is to refrain this month. I'll let you decide if Gum counts, but everything else is off limits.

2) The second part is a goal to RUN at least three days a week. 

Pre-baby, this would have been the easiest thing for me, but now I have such a hard time getting out for a run at the end of the day, and I just need the extra push.  

As I was thinking about doing this, I was wondering if there was a 1/2 marathon plan out there that I could follow that only required 3 days a week,  I found several online, but the one that I liked the most was the FIRST plan. (here is a summary on Runnersworld) It basically includes the three types of runs I normally include in my training - Speed, Tempo and Long.

Granted I have a good base (since I just finished 80+ miles in August), but this seems like an achievable plan.  Mostly this will give me a good guide for sticking to my three days a week.

14x4003-mile tempo6-mile long run
24x8004-mile tempo8-mile long run
33x16005-mile tempo10-mile long run
46x4006-mile tempo6-mile long run
53x16004-mile tempo10-mile long run
64x8008-mile tempo8-mile long run
76x4006-mile tempo10-mile long run
84x16008-mile tempo12-mile long run
93x8003-mile tempo6-mile long run
104x4002-mile tempoHalf Marathon

Usually I adjust plans based on what I know of my body and my ability.  This one is no different, so I will be making minor adjustments. If you read the plan details on the RW website, you will see this is mostly all fast at hard effort. I do not recover well if I only do fast workouts, so I will need to back off from some of the speedwork, which will likely be slow long runs.

I haven't decided which half marathon I will do, but as soon as I find a great one....I will post it! 

Now I gotta get my butt running tomorrow!!

One last thing before I go.  Today Isla is 11 months old.  It's ridiculously hard to believe that she is almost 1!  When everyone says "Time Flies"...that is a total understatement!!

I thought this picture was fitting because the reason she isn't looking at the camera is that Dad is sneaking her a bite of ice cream right under my nose.   No sweets for her this month either! She can have a treat November 1. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Challenge ...Check!

I know the September challenge was a little out of the ordinary, but I really hope that you were able to join me. The challenge was...."Get a friend that doesn't walk or run to complete a 5k distance with you before the end of the month."

I did the challenge with a friend who had asked me about running years ago, but we hadn't had the chance to get out together. He was nervous that he wouldn't be fast enough, or be able to talk during, or walk after. Somehow I still convinced him to go with me. 

The first time we went out we walked about a quarter of a mile to the local high school track. When we got there he said "ok, let's start running". We got through 3 laps, and he said "this is the longest I've ever run without stopping."  It all became worth it at that point. Not only did he say that, but he ran another lap after that.

It was the coolest, most rewarding thing! I think we were equally as happy and proud after. Now he texts me every week to see if we are going for a run.

Check out these results!

2.4 Miles @ 12:47 pace. I picked a 2.4 mile loop for us, and we ran 90% of it.  We stopped twice to walk for a few minutes.

3.3 Miles at 12:51!! This one we did at the local high school track.  Sometimes it's easier knowing exactly what's ahead, and we made it the 5K distance, plus a little more.  We walked a little more than the 2.4 miles above, but we ran the laps a little faster.

The time investment to get him started, was minimal AND so worth it.  Pay it forward any chance you get.

Heads up for October.....I'm going back to a personal goal.  I've been looking into a 3 day a week 1/2 marathon plan (that's a mouth full).  I'll post the details tomorrow.  I hope you'll join!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Starter workouts & Lifesaving Passwords

What a great weekend!  Why can't they all be three day weekends? 

Back to the weekday routing tomorrow.  This is what I feel and look like in the morning trying to get out the door.

If you are taking on the September Challenge with me, here are some beginner workouts options you can do with your friend (or use on yourself too).
  • 10 Min Walk, 5 Minute Run, 10 Minute Walk
  • Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. - (Couch to 5K program)
  • Walk 1 mile
  • 1.5 Mile Run
  • 20 Minute Run/Walk (Run 30 seconds, Walk 30 seconds)
Have FUN!!

Not really related, but I read this article a couple of weeks ago - How a Password Changed My Life My password at work is about to expire, so I thought I would change it to something that will help me change something in my life. 

Here is a snippet from the article to give you an idea of what to do...if you are interested.

Some of his older passwords.

It's at least worth a try! Do you think it could work?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pay it Forward - September Challenge

It's been great motivation for me to post the monthly challenges and have you do them with me. I get to the end of some days and the last thing I want to do is go for a run (or do squats).  But having you post that you are doing it with me, gets my butt out the door.  Of course I always feel better after, but that first step is so hard.

It's also been a huge adjustment for me to do my runs/workouts at night. For the most part I love to get my run done as the sun is coming up, but now I do them as the sun is going down. So these challenges have helped me find my new work/family/exercise balance.

For September I want to do something to pay it forward.  So here is the challenge...

Get a friend that doesn't walk or run to complete a 5k distance with you before the end of the month. 

It should be a win/win, and you may have a new workout buddy at the end of it.

I have the perfect person in mind to do this with.  He's mentioned he wants to get started, but doesn't know how.  Now's the time for me to help him get started.  30 days may not be enough time to train him to run an entire 5K, but walking that distance is doable.  I will tell you more about him later...after he agrees to do this with me. :)

I can't wait to see this one through!  Who will you pay it forward to?

Last thing...Isla says "be cool jive turkeys"...she takes after her dad.

August Miles and 10K done!

Good Morning! (Hopefully I publish this before noon!)

I signed up last minute to do the Race to the End of the Summer as my 10K for August.  I have to admit I still have a few squats to get done today, but I finished 88 miles for the month.  More than half of those miles were with Isla.  She LOVES being outside and in the stroller. I hope that doesn't change.

These mamas hit the 10K together.  I thought I would share some of our pictures from today.

Before Picture....



I was so happy to finish!! Stroller running makes running without a stroller feel much easier.  (not easy...easier)

...and we actually look happier after the race!

If you joined me for the August Challenge...THANK YOU and Congrats!

I will be posting the September challenge soon! It should be fun!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Adidas Energy Boost Shoe Review

I'm enjoying my current shoe, so I thought I tell ya about it.

The past few years I have tried several different running shoes. I've found several I like, including Saucony Kinvara, Nike Pegasus, and Nike Free.  I've gone through lots of them! Brooks, Newton, New Balance, Asics....I like trying out these feet gadgets.

Recently I decided to try the Adidas Energy Boost shoe.  At first sight I thought they would never work.  I was running primarily in the Saucony Kinvaras, which weigh in at 6.4 oz (I like a light shoe). Just looking at these they look really bulky, and when I picked them up they were a little heavier at 8.1 oz. I still like still like to try everything on, so I had to give them a go.  They are noted to run a little small, but I still bought them in the same size I normally do.  It is recommended to go a 1/2 size up.

Of course every running shoe has their pros and cons...

The Pros:

Cushion: Adidas came out with new midsole material last year, and is straying from the standard material used in most running shoes. 

The foam consists of small polyurethane capsules fused together...apparently the same material they use in the dashboards of BMWs.  Closest I will get to having a beamer. The result is a super cushy sole.  Well...the cushion is fabulous! They designed it to be very cushy and springy. While it looks really bulky somehow it still feels pretty light.

Flexible and Lightweight: It is not a minimalist shoe, but it is somehow still pretty flexy (That's an official term, right?) and light.   I moved away from some of the heavier shoes because they were so stiff, but this somehow runs with a lot of flexibility.

Heel to Toe Drop: I like a big heel to toe drop.  When I started wearing shoes with a bigger heel to toe drop I stopped having so many issues with my calves and tendonitis. The heel to toe drop in these is 10mm.

The Cons

Expensive: They are probably the most of expensive shoes I've run in.  $160 buckaroos!! I've never even bought myself heels this expensive. I figure it's worth the investment to avoid injuries and enjoy my runs.

Heel: This actually isn't an issue for me, because I strike more with my forefoot than my heel, but the heel extends out past the shoe. If you are a heel striker, that could cause issue with every foot strike.  I haven't tried them yet, but the Adidas Adios Boost has the same midsole technology, and it doesn't have such a protruding heel.

Shoe laces: I really, really hate the laces they come with.  They have no give, so you really have to find the perfect tie, because if you go too tight your feet will be miserable on your run. They also always come untied all the time, even with a double knot. Definitely worth changing the laces on these...that's a cheap problem to fix.

Overall I enjoy running in them!  I'm on my second pair which doesn't happen very often. Next pair are gonna be pink! Remember when I hated pink?  A little person in my life turned my hate for pink around.  

And just in case you ask...
What is your favorite shoe?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thanks Texting Machine!

After I got home from work Friday night I still needed to do my mile (of course).  We decided to walk to the store to get dinner, but it's not quite a mile there and back, so I knew I still had to do more.

Right before I got home, Isla and I went to the doctor.  Turns out she had an ear infection, so I needed to get her medicine while I picked up dinner. We decided to take Willa on our walk to the store, so we could get that walk over with too....which means they needed to wait outside while we got the medicine and dinner.  After probably about 15 minutes, I finish everything and I come out front...where Willa and Vin were waiting for us.  Except they were nowhere in sight. Before I went into the store he said "we'll just walk around." I scanned the front of the store and the entire parking lot.

I text him.  In this sequence.

Me:Where are you?
Him: No Reply
Me: My phone is going to die. We are out front.
Him: No Reply
Me: Walking Home

I thought maybe I heard him wrong about waiting, or I was in the store way too long, so I left.  I get within 4 houses of home and I get a text.

Him: By Cleaners

MAN! What the?! Great.  So I call. No answer. Then my phone dies.

I figured he got my texts so he at least knows I walked home, but I felt bad. So I walk back around the corner.  There they are still in front of the cleaners.  I jay walk (don't tell anyone) across the street, and of course it's the moment he decides to move.  I start whistling as loud as I possibly can.  My eyes are locked on them from across the parking lot.  I whistle about 6 more times. Nothing.

All of a sudden a guy steps into my view, and he says "You whistle like a football player."

Thanks?? Sure wish it was working.

Now I decide I can cut across and meet them at the crosswalk, so I run. Luckily Isla was in the Bob. We meet at the crosswalk, and he says "where have you been?"

Well, let's see. I walked home. I ran back. I whistled. I ran. And here we are.

He says, "I heard someone whistling, but I've never heard you whistle like that before, so I didn't know that was you."

If you remember my text message string:

Me:Where are you?
Him: No Reply
Me: My phone is going to die. We are out front.
Him: No Reply
Me: Walking Home

His looked like this:

Me: Where are you?
Him: By Cleaners (immediately after my text)

Thanks AT&T or Verizon! Not sure whose fault it was, but I decided after all that I got my mile in!

That ever happen to you?

Anyway, The rest of the weekend went as planned. Isla and I got at least a mile in on Saturday, and this morning we ran the Summer Scamper 5k at Stanford. She was having a ball while we were running. I can't tell if she was talking to me, or socializing with the crowd, but she was laughing, and chattin away.

I don't know why, but I expected this to be a small event.  It was HUGE! So many people and tons of families. I met a couple of people that I never would have met without 'Hurry Up'. It's the coolest thing I tell ya.  Lisa and Amy it was great to talk to you.  

When we got home Isla had lots of calls to make.  I had a flash forward moment of her with her feet up on the wall, laying on her bed talking on the phone. If she takes after her dad's like for talking....we are in big trouble!

8 more days in June.  At least 8 more miles!

Have a great week!