Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boobs! But Mostly Sports Bras...

Recently I had to do a refresh of my sports bra collection.  It's kind of a pain to find a bra that fits comfortably, and doesn't dig into your armpits, and isn't too tight, and doesn't leave your skin raw after a run.  I tried on lots of brands before I landed on a few that are now my "go to" bras.

Here are the two bras that I currently wear and love.

lucy Perfect Core Bra II
Bra #1

Brand: lucy 
ModelPerfect Core Bra II

Price: $54
Support: Score! 
Comfort: Score!
Chaffing: Zero issues so far. I still use my bodyglide on really long runs, just in case

Pros: This bra is extremely comfortable and looks very flattering.  It's a perfect bra to wear with or without a shirt for running or yoga.    For yoga it can be even more flattering because of it's padding (which frankly I could use), but for running or if you don't need any extra lift, I recommend taking the padding out.  I wash and wear this as many times as I can in a week, and it seems to be handling all the washing great!

This is also true-to size.  I generally wear a small and a small fits perfect in this lucy bra.  Some of the comparable brands require me to go 2 sizes up to fit comfortably or take off/on easily, but this one I was able to go with my normal size.

P.S. The pants I'm wearing in this picture are AMAZING. OK, that's not really me, but I love these pants.  They are super soft and I feel almost naked when I wear them.

Bra #2

Brand: Champion
C9 Champion Seamless Cami Bra
ModelC9 Seamless Cami Bra sold @ Target

Price: $16

Support: Low to Medium
Comfort: Score!
Chaffing: Zero issues so far.

Pros: Obviously the price of this bra is fabulous.  I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found this bra at Target. This is really light weight and super comfortable.  I have never had a problem with chaffing, and I've worn it on some of my longer runs.  

Potential Cons:  I don't need much support on top, so I can't really speak to this one for someone that is top heavy.  There isn't much support built into the bra, so it might not hold things comfortably in place for someone with big boobs.   

Share your favorites in the comments section.  That request goes to you too have to see us in them, so tell us which ones you like the most!

Lastly, when I decided to write a post about sports bras, the words to one of one of my favorite songs came to mind.  

"boobs are cool

they make me drool
i love them all
big and small

Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! "   - by Vinnie Hasson 

If you haven't heard that song before, maybe the audio will be available for download one of these days!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Love this post. I don't run, but would love to see posts from people who are top heavy and have found a comfortable sports bra. I have to admit, I have just the cheap stretchy sports bras, and I have to wear two of them when I do a Zumba class. It is a bit of a pain and then I have two bras to wash! Any ideas for a size D comfortable, supportive sports bra?

    oh . . . . I have heard to songs "Boobs" - it's a classic!!!!

    1. Try Shock Absorber -

    2. I do Zumba and swear by Lululemon TaTa Tamer... $58 but keeps my DDs in check while doing Zumba... I have one in every color they offer. I got tired of wearing 2 sports bras and these were my boob miracle. And it clasps in back!

    3. I highly recommend Moving Comfort Juno or Fiona. I like Fiona better, but I wear Juno when I wear a tank top with a racerback. I think Juno can be a bit hard to get off, but it definitely holds the girls tight.

    4. I agree with Neece. I wear a 36 D and the Moving Comfort Fiona bras are great. They are made well and are very supportive. Also, if you get them at REI and you are a member you can return them if they don't work out.

  2. I like the Moving Comfort Juno bra, they make them in big sizes and they hook in the back for easy on/off. I haven't done a long run in them so I can't speak for chaffing but they hold me decently. I am a FF/G cup in regular bras and their DD size offers enough compression (without the girls popping out the sides and top) for me to bounce with less irritation to the girls. The hooks are the biggest plus, I use an over the head style for Bikram yoga sometimes and then I feel like I've done yoga 3 times (twice just getting the bra on and off).

  3. My choice for those with bigger boobs (like me) D & DD is the Lululemon TaTa Tamer. It is offered by bra size and clasps in the back--no struggling to hoist it over my head. It truly does keep them in place when I am in my (bouncy) Zumba class. No boob pain after an hour of jumping and twisting. Worth the $58.

  4. Love that song.. and just saw this after we went sports bra shopping.. first 5 K for me tomorrow.. so looking forward to it!

    1. Hey Lala!!! I hope you had a great race today!

  5. My favorite's the Champion Double Dry #6209. It's an underwire, which I'm fine with, has wide straps, back hooks and no cup padding. It does allow some upwards jog, but it's the most comfortable fit I've found for my D's. I also have a Champion 1691, which is not wired, but by the end of my workout, I often find myself, er, "crosseyed" as things shift around too much. But I'll try the brands others recommend the next time I need some new gear--this is a really useful post! And thanks for getting that song stuck in my brain again...

  6. I also love my Moving comfort bras! They hold my C babies in place.

  7. Not for running marathons, but great for low impact and every day wear (for those of us who need a little help):

    I have a lucy bra like it, but the handful is way more comfortable, believe it or not! (I don't have the lucy bra you show though, I don't think. I did such a double take when you said "the pants I'm wearing"). Love the Boobs! song. I can't believe they weren't allowed to do the fundraiser!!

  8. I have a bunch of the Champion ones that I use for roller derby. They most definitely keep things in place where they need to be, and the price is the best. Also got mine at Target! I'm a 34C/D.

  9. For my DD - DDD sisters, try title9. They have bras that work wonders to hold the jugs in place. Not cheep but worth every penny!! (cause boobs ARE cool)

  10. Great post about bras...I have a question about underwear, when running in tights do people wear undies or not?

  11. The bra gives support, I will buy playtex 18 hour bras soon!
    This bra is made for those who need support, and lifting.

  12. Different physical activities require specific types of athletic apparel. Sometimes a garment needs to resist moisture; other times, it should allow for stretching.

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